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The team

Graham “GG” Goodwin - Editor/ Partner

After following Formula One for many years (a tatty model of a Lotus 72 is regarded by him as a family heirloom!) Graham finally saw the light in 1995 when his then seven year old son persuaded him to visit Le Mans for the first time, an experience he would describe later as "biblical" (although that may have been a reference to the rainfall that year!).

He discovered the delights of internet reporting on the sport almost as soon as Sportscar World was born and by 1999 was regularly exchanging information with the Editor.

At around that point, newly unencumbered of a contract that prevented him from writing professionally, he joined the new intake of writers taken on to launch Totalmotorsport and, when that enterprise floundered joined Messrs Cracknell, Brooks and some other bloke to launch DSC where he took on the role of Deputy Editor.

With the untimely retirement of DSC’s Founding Editor Graham stepped up to the tiller and since then has combined the Editorship with regular duties with Radio Le Mans and, of course, the day job!

Hugely happily married to Trudie with a sportscar mad son and an increasingly petrolheaded young daughter (much to her Mum’s despair!) plus a trio of disinterested cats – Graham’s current Surrey eyrie belies his Northern roots as, apparently does his broad cockney accent*. 

Graham holds the record for the most nicknames in current usage (or rather abusage) in the DSC team – GG, Beer Tricks, Mainwaring, Cockney, Gooders and many, many more are all ,  

*Only in the fevered imaginations of DSC’s resident Brummie Mafiosi Lord and Downes

Contact –
Twitter @dsceditor

Mark “Lurch” Howson - Deputy Editor - UK National Editor

"Mark has been hooked on sportscar racing since attending Le Mans in 1989, only missing one 24-Hours since. He also attended most of the international sportscar races in the UK throughout the nineties. A combination of his highly tolerant wife, Diane, and a highly gullible bank-manager, meant that he could indulge his passion for the sport further a field in the form of trips to the Rolex 24 and the first PLM, but Sebring remains high on his wish-list.

In 1998 Mark bought a PC and virtually the first website he came across after going online was 'Sportscar World'. This chance encounter would eventually lead to an invitation from Malcolm to contribute to Totalmotorsport in 2001 and it was rather a shock for Mark to find himself reporting on the British GT Championship, having only ever seen (but thoroughly enjoyed) two rounds previously, and having never, ever, spoken to a racing driver.

Since then his contributions to DSC have been prodigious with races from Daytona, Dubai, Zhuhai and Anglesey amongst the outposts he’s covered for us.

Mark took over as DSC’s near full time Deputy Editor in 2007 and is now, almost certainly, the man who has seen and reported on more rounds of the British GT Championship than any other. 

Mark’s DSC nickname was earned during a brief period when he lived in the gatehouse to a Midlands cemetery and has nothing whatsoever to do with his physical appearance.

Perhaps it’s lucky that we didn’t concentrate instead on his love of beer with tree roots and animal faeces in it, together with a weird fondness for obscure German glam and prog rock!

Contact –

David “Lordy” Lord - Photographic Editor/ Partner

Together with seemingly everyone else from the British motorsport community, hails from Hinckley in Leicestershire.

A full time professional motorsport photographer, he has provided some of the most evocative images of British GT racing in recent years.

A staunch supporter of the British GT Championship and TVR Tuscan Challenge Dave was bitten by the Le Mans 'bug' in 2001, the monsoon conditions throughout the night never managed to wipe the wide grin from the plucky Midlander's face!

Dave came aboard as a co-owner of DSC in 2002, designing the site which replaced the original DSC and now sits as Photographic Editor, co-ordinating the efforts of our excellent team of snappers around the world.

He’s travelled the world with DSC – From Bathurst, via Zhuhai and on to Croft, helped immeasurably in his efforts by an ability to sleep anywhere, for as long as he likes – Dave regularly falls asleep as a transcontinental flight is taxiing to the runway and only wakes up as the engines are switched off at our destination!  

A confirmed bachelor, Dave’s kitchen has a range of high-end utensils that have never seen action – He is though on first name terms with a bewildering range of takeaways!

Contact –

David Warnock - Partner

David’s involvement with dailysportscar came about because of his desire to try and give something back to the sport and also to help in some small way with the indefatigable enthusiasm shown by the rest of the team.

He began his racing in 1989 in a Porsche 911 SC and progressed to winning the British Porsche Supercup title in 1991. He took the British GT2 title in 1996 in a Marcos LM600 and again in 1999 driving a Lister Storm. In the same year he took his own Roock 911 Porsche to Daytona and took the GT2 class victory ahead of the factory Corvettes. In 2001 he teamed up with Mike Jordan and the pair won the Tourist Trophy and the British GT title. He has raced all over the world and has competed in six Le Mans, which he rates as unquestionably the best race on earth.

Malcolm “Crackers” Cracknell - Editor In Chief

Malcolm Cracknell blames Michael Cotton for his obsession with sportscar racing. Cotton Senior used to write the most fabulously detailed accounts of the Le Mans 24 Hours for the Standard House group - if you couldn’t be there to see the 512s against the 917s (or whatever the rivalry happened to be), MC would describe the action, hour by hour. Cracknell found F1 just as intriguing - then.

A career as a teacher, and duties as a responsible husband, simultaneously came to an end at the age of 40 -and thus began a roller coaster ride writing about his beloved endurance racing, on the internet. The web allowed as much space as necessary to do justice to any race, and from the 50 minute Privilege GT races, Sportscarworld grew at an alarming rate, largely thanks to the enthusiasm and desire of the rest of the people on this page.

The story of Sportscarworld’s demise is almost too painful to recall, its domain name was snatched away during Le Mans week in 2000, leaving the Editor mentally wrecked after four plus years of grindingly hard work.

A gentleman called Tim Blake came to the rescue - plus many of the site's readers. TotalMotorSport was born in January 2001, and continued to provide the service that readers had become accustomed to. Cracknell's involvement there came to an end in October 2001, but the persistence of a group that wouldn't give up saw a new site born,

After a disastrous first year that saw an original partner let down the new enterprise both financially and technically DSC bounced back and Malcolm led it tirelessly - setting the standard for internet sportscar journalism that others have since tried to follow – and not a few have failed!

Health issues forced his retirement in 2007 but as our Editor in Chief he’s still a steadying hand on the tiller, always ready with sage advice and absolutely always ready with an opinion too!

Contact -

Gary Horrocks - North American Editor

It seems that Gary Horrocks has always been playing with cars. He blames it on his dad, who was, and still is, a car fanatic. A native of the Pacific Northwest region of the United States, Gary grew up building model cars, and reading about whatever racing events he could find. Along the way he found heroes who appeared to be bigger than life, like Jimmy Clark and Ronnie Peterson, and shed many a tear when their lives ended.

His main interest has been in endurance racing, starting with the Ford GT-40 era. While he considers the IMSA GTP and Group C to be the peak of endurance racing, he also feels that what is happening now in the ALMS and throughout Europe can be considered a renaissance that is as good, if not better, than most other periods in racing.

Currently Gary is writing and shooting photos for Insidetrack, and many of his photos have appeared on the Professional Sportscar website. He is associated with Vista Motorsports, and has started on his own as 'rrocks Photography and Media.

He lives in Vancouver, Washington, with his lovely wife and two daughters. In his spare time, away from racing interests and building 1/43 scale racecars, he enjoys listening to and collecting music and being involved in his family interests of sports and travelling. His real occupation is as a Tool and Gage Inspector.

A huge Mustang fan he regularly updates the DSC Editor on progress with some mild upgrades to his prized 5 litre ‘Stang,  Gary sees himself as "just a fan who was in the right place at the right time". He attributes his current standing to being the result of "hard work and persistence..." and "...the support of his family, and friends such as Paul Shavor, Janos Wimpffen, Andy Hartwell, Dr. Brian Mitchell, Alan Del Gaudio and Sara Coy (at PSCR/ IMSA)."

He has been the lead reporter for DSC on the ALMS for almost half a decade and he’s done it with the point of view that despite a huge appreciation for what his racing subjects can do, but now has a different view than he used to. "They are all human, just like the rest of us, and as such deserve to be treated as humans, not some super hero. Their humanity, combined with their machines, is what makes the stories. I just hope that all of us at DSC are able to convey this to the readers, and I count myself as one of those readers".

Contact -

David ‘Doris’ Downes - Photographer

Doris has filled part of the massive void left by Editor in Chief Malcolm Cracknell’s departure from dsc’s regular ‘away team’.

Which parts of the void? – The chainsmoking and curmudgeonly bits!

Aside from that he does look, just a little, like MCC himself too and could often be seen in the weeks following Malcolm’s retirement in confused conversation with paddock people who think that Crackers has developed a Brummie accent!

As much an artist as an artisan, his day job as one of the country’s foremost fast food drive-in builders has added immeasurably to the UK’s skyline and his cultured eye creates Constables from Corvettes, Turners from TVRs and Gaudi’s from Audis.

Doris is renowned for his love of many things – Women, cats, children and Audi Q7s – Can you guess which two make the cut?

Marcel ten Caat - European and Social Media Editor

Marcel “Ten Cats” ten Caat is the newest addition to the DSC Editorial roster – A long time friend in the press rooms around Europe and beyond, Marcel was persuaded last year to combine his efforts on his own website Planet Le Mans with those of DSC.

Despite his Low Country upbringing Marcel speaks English rather better than any of DSC’s photographers.
An endurance fan in a country that seems to breed them – or was it the draw of Drinking for Holland? 

His fair minded and balanced approach was the perfect foil for the rest of the DSC Editorial staff who are neither of those things!

Marcel will be taking primary responsibility for DSC’s coverage of the FIA GT World Championship, Blancpain Endurance Series and whatever the GT4 Cup is called this week.  He’s also in the process of developing a re-launch for DSC’s social media output – Watch this space!

Contact –
Twitter - @dsceuroeditor

Russell Wittenberg - Ace Pitlane Reporter

Russell was born and raised in the birthplace of NASCAR, Daytona Beach, Florida. But it wasn't the American style stock car racing the stirred his interest: it was those crazy little sportscars that raced for twenty four hours straight, rain or shine. Although he has been following that race since the late 70's, it was the big GTPs and the discovery of 'Sebring' during the next decade that would seal his fate.

The relationship with the Editor started very innocently with just a friendly email sent complimenting him on his work with Sportscar World. After an exchange of a few emails, Russell offered to forward some images of the new Cadillac LMP from a closed test being held at D.I.S. The editor, now regretfully, encouraged him to get more of the same anytime there was sportscar action at the track. The rest as they say, is history.

Paul “Rumpole” Slinger - Pitlane Reporter and Statistician

Paul has been with DSC as an irregular correspondent since the very beginning, latterly blending his race reporting appearances with paternal duties for his young family and his day job career as a High Court Judge*

Paul’s introduction to the pitlane side of the track came at around the turn of the century when it occurred to him that because he was going to so many races he needed to think of ways to get in free.

Fortunately everything came together on a snowy media day several years ago when he was awarded his first media pass. He crashed his car getting there, but that took little of the shine away from the moment (it is also where he met a certain Mr Graham Goodwin!)

Paul is almost unique amongst the DSC regulars in that he actually does own a sportscar (several other DSCers do too but most of them are up on bricks!) Paul is a confirmed Lotus nut and even when fatherhood beckoned him (twice) he still managed to persuade his lovely wife Victoria that the ‘family’ Elise should stay! 

*Fundamentally untrue

Marcus Potts - Race Reporter and Design Consultant

Writer, photographer, press officer and graphic designer – Marcus is a difficult man to put a label on.

After an early career that encompassed copywriting and graphic design in fields as diverse as Landscape Management and Inland Waterways, a twist of fate during a print project for Computacenter found Marcus becoming responsible for marketing for Marcos Cars during the exciting period when the marque returned to GT racing in the mid 1990s and through to 1998 by which time Marcos’s racing interests were being upheld by Cor Euser’s MRI.

His efforts as Press Officer to Team Marcos led to him being awarded them ACO’s prestigious Media Communication award.

Spells with Millennium Motorsport, Parr Motorsport, Skea Racing International, Porsche Cars GB and Graham Nash Motorsport followed together with a dalliance with Team Bentley in 2002 for whom he provided all the team’s pre-race web content. His Press and PR talents have also helped a glittering array of drivers including Thomas Erdos, Kelvin Burt, Tim Harvey and Johnny Mowlem.

On the design front Marcus has been responsible for some fabulous racecar liveries including the 1995 blue and silver Marcos Le Mans livery and the current RML MG Lola scheme. He carries out all Scalextric’s research photography on GT and sportscars and is even partly to blame for the Teletubbies! Most famously of all though Marcus also designed the DSC logo!

At some point, and strangely, neither he nor Malcolm can remember exactly when, he met up with Malcolm Cracknell. Through SportscarWorld in 1996, Super Sportscar World, Total Motorsport and now DailySportscar he has provided features, race reports and has honorary “designer in residence” status.

2012 looks set to see Marcus’s DSC workload increase substantially – Expect to see his byline regularly from races across Europe.

Peter ‘Pedro’ May - Photographer

Pedro has been with dsc since late 2004. He first watched a motor race at Brands Hatch in 1996 (The Formula Three Spring Trophy) but since then has developed taste!

Renowned for the quality of his photography, his ability to find the quickest route between any two points anywhere, boundless energy, matchless workload, team spirit, resilience, and, by no means least, his ability to maintain all of this often whilst surviving under canvas.

Kentish Man Pedro can usually be found pedalling his Ford Fiesta (no apparently it isn’t a girl’s car) between two different tracks, often not in the same country, usually very quickly, a skillset gained whilst on courier duty for his day job – Official pie taster to the Kentish public!

Most extraordinary feat in dsc service – covering Spa and Le Mans in a single day and managing to duck when Allan McNish threw his Audi R18 at him!

Thing to be remembered about Pedro – He’s not short he just has a very low centre of gravity for more stable photography.

Martin ‘Hugewally’ Spetz - Photographer

Martin has served dsc as faithfully these past few years as he served his country during his career in the US Coastguard until his retirement just a few years ago.

The ‘Coasties’ motto is Semper Paratus, meaning "Always Ready" and Huge certainly lives up to that, despite his status as a retired gentleman of leisure Huge’s shots are often the first seen from a race weekend whether its ALMS or one of his beloved historic meetings.

Marty’s frame is built for stability, a fine monument to all that’s great about America. It’s big, is a major consumer, and (one to note here for the ladies) it’s free! – Stop Press – in a massive turn around Martin’s frame nowadays is of the LMP2 rather than LMP1 variety – Here’s hoping that the stamina that he displays continues to be of the RS Spyder variety.

Soren ‘Zorro’ Herweg - Reporter/ Photographer

Soren has evolved from a periodic correspondent to a very regular reporter on the German GT racing scene, combining his regular studies with as much racing as he can squeeze in.

A man of boundless enthusiasm and bonhomie, his tireless work ethic is well matched to a VLN grid which can number well north of 150 cars!

We’ll be keeping a close watch on our young German friend though – people have gone missing in the woods in the Eifel – and the barbecues there are legendary!!

David ‘Lasagne’ Legangneux - Reporter/ Photographer

A regular DSC correspondent from the very beginning David continues to provide some stunning images and news snippets from his varied travels around Europe.

Tall, bearded and with an uncanny ability to deliver a punchline that is barely intelligible – He’s like Rolf Harris with a French accent!

Fiona “Fragrant Fi” Miller - Race Reporter and Editor

Fiona Miller is to DSC what your locum doctor is to the NHS - Time after time she has filled the breach when either the Editor or another correspondent has been unavailable, blending race reporting with her ‘day job’ on PR duties for a range of top end teams.

Despite being involved in motorsport for several decades Fi is (apparently) still in her late 20s and manages to blend a seamless efficiency of effort with an uncanny knack of knowing just what journalists want, and when they want it. 

Andrew “Skippy” Hall - Ace Aussie Snapper

The man with the least imaginative nickname on DSC – Skippy hails from Sydney and lends his not inconsiderable photographic genius to our ILMC/ WEC coverage, where he forms one corner of the much feared “Four Musketeers” together with Messrs Lord, Downes and Lefebure – What could possibly go wrong?

2012 will mark Skippy’s 5th annual farewell tour.

Danny Bear

Danny Bear is the lynchpin for the whole dsc operation. His successful business enterprises have given the site a very firm financial footing and his ruthless business nous means that any hostile takeover bids will be met with a heady cocktail of good natured banter and senseless violence.

Danny is always up for the challenge and has attended Le Mans, Sebring, Petit Le Mans, Daytona (where he hooked up once more with long lost cousin Denny) and Spa as part of the dsc crew.

He’ll be on tour again this coming season with the dailysportscar team.