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FIA WEC, 6 Hours of Bahrain
27/29 September 2012

Balancing The Performance In GTE - Truswell Examines the Numbers in the Sand

Race Gallery 4 - Photography by David Lord

Race Gallery 3 - Photography by Pedro

Race Gallery 2 - Photography by David Lord

Race Gallery 1 - Photography by Andrew Hall

Results From All Sessions

Hour Six and Finish - Audi 1-2 - Pecom Win LMP2 - AF Corse and Ferrari Clinch Titles

Hour Five - Toyota Out Of the Race

Hour Four - Lighting Issues!

Hour Three - Trouble for Toyota

Hour Two - Into The Darkness - Toyota Being Reeled In

Pre-Race and First Hour - Hot - Toyota Takes Control

Saturday Notes From the Paddock - #61 Ferrari - #13 Tub To Return To UK - Memories of 2004

Warm-Up - Audis Fastest Again - #13 Rebellion Rebuild Complete

P&Q Gallery 4 - Photography by David Lord

P&Q Gallery 3 - Photography by David Lord

P&Q Gallery 2 - Photography by Andrew 'Skippy' Hall

P&Q Gallery 1 - Photography by Pedro

GTE Qualifying - Mucke And Aston Martin In GTE Pro - Aguas In GTE Am

LMP Qualifying - McNish For Audi - Sarrazin for Starwoorks

Friday Morning Free Practice Session - Audi, Morgan, Aston, Vette

Thursday Second Free Practice Session - Audis To The Fore

Thursday First Free Practice Session - Wurz Tops The Times

Thursday Notes - Simonsen Joins In - No Not That One!

Andy Blackmore's Spotter Guide

LMP1 Preview

LMP2 Preview

GTE-Pro Preview

GTE-Am Preview