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Saturday Morning Picture Show

Welcoming the Weekend here’s this week’s selection of some of the best on the web.

Kicking it off is this offering from the boys, girls – and dogs – from Jota Sport.

The Harlem Shake isn’t for everyone – but clearly they’re down with the kids in Tunbridge Wells!!

Here’s a nicely put together video covering the trials and tribulations of the Saudi Falcons BMW team at the Dubai 24 Hours - Complete with Hindhaugh commentary.

One of the most significant announcements in the last couple of weeks has been the switch by ESM from their GT class Ferraris to a pair of P2 HPDs – Here’s Ed Brown getting his first ever taste of P2 power and downforce in the team’s first test with the ex Starworks ARX 03b.

Onto some older offerings now and here’s some cine footage from 1953, documenting the Allard team’s preparations for that year’s Le Mans 24 Hours.

And here from 1971 is an extraordinary Grand Prix support race featuring the F1 Team Managers going head to head in a fleet of Ford Escort Mexicos around Brands Hatch’s Indy Circuit – Jack Brabham, Colin Chapman, Frank Williams, John Surtees and Ken Tyrell are amongst the luminaries on track – Imagine that happening nowadays!!

An entirely different sort of One Make Grand Prix support race next – Monaco, 1991 saw the crashtastic Jaguar XJR15s on track.

Onto a personal favourite car and driver combination now – Andy Wallace aboard the Harrods McLaren F1 GTR commentates on a lap around Le Mans.

Another 24 Hour race, albeit a far more shortlived affair was the Bathurst 24 Hours – Here are some highlights from the 2003 race that saw a pair of Holden Monaros dealt a substantial regulatory break!

And finally a pair of races from the late 1990s – First up 1998, Assen and the Belcar Series – Big Banger Marcos, Turbo Porsches and some rapid touring cars too.

And Fuji in 1999, last race for both the Toyota GT-One and Nissan R391 plus some other interesting machinery.