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GT3 Street Race For Manila

GT3 Race Asia has announced plans for a street race in the Philippine Capital Manila.

The race meeting, with a grid of around 15 GT3 cars, is due to take place on June 15/ 16.

Plans for the race meeting have been agreed between GT3 Race Asia, headed up by Malaysian Prince Tunku Khairul Zaim, and Manila’s city authority, headed by Mayor Alfredo Lim. The meeting will form part of the celebration of Philippine Independence Day on June 12.

Rolly Relanes, GT technical specialist, said the race route, a 2.7 km stretch along T.M. Kalaw, P. Burgos, Maria Orosa, Roxas Blvd. and Parade Avenue fronting the historic Quirino Grandstand has already passed the initial check.

“The surface is good, except for some portions or some corners that need new asphalt. We will have the race track fenced and fast corners equipped with barriers,” he said.

The race, to be held in daytime, will have the participants racing for 15 to 20 laps.

“We’re planning of bringing in 15 cars that can run as fast as 250 kph. We all think Manila is a good place to run. And this will show the world how beautiful the city of Manila is,” said recent GT3 Asia champion Dilantha Malagamuwa.

Foreign entries from Japan, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Australia and Hong Kong will be given a day of practice and a qualifying run on June 15 leading to the race itself.

Filipino JP Tuason, according to organizers, might race for BMW and there  are plans to hold kart races, drag racing or even circuit racing for vintage cars as side events.

“All of us here in Manila are used to just seeing these races on television,” said Mayor Lim, who assured organizers that the city will put its best foot forward for the event.

“As far as road condition is concerned, we are sure that whatever defect our city engineer will take care of it. We will also handle the security and traffic control as well as the safety not just for the racers but spectators,” the mayor added.