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Dunlop Le Mans

Jeannette In For Melo at RAM Racing


We’ll have much more from the Dubai 24 Hours in the coming days as the DSC team makes their way to rather sunnier climes than at present – For now though let’s just bring you a very brief update on RAM Racing – the debutant team based at Silverstone will campaign their new GT3 spec Ferrari 458 at the Dunlop backed event and were set to feature Jaime Melo on the driving strength.


The quick Brazilian though has suffered a broken foot and has been replaced by none other than Gunnar Jeannette.


It’s a one-off run for the popular American but his team-mate Johnny Mowlem is set to feature as a season-long driver not only in the GT3 car in Dubai but thereafter in one of the team’s pair of GTE class 458s in the ELMS.

There will be more from Mr Mowlem early next week as he prepares for two 24 hour races in two weeks, the Ferrari outing is set to be followed by a start in the Rolex 24 Hours aboard a new GX class Lotus Evora.