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Pictures Of The Year by David Lord

Selected by Andrew Hall

WEC Spa…a tad damp. The plume of spray seems alive, a great shot under difficult conditions and Lordy's Belgian chips would have got all soggy.

Wee Al. Great framing, Great colour, Great Scot. Once again Lordy proves that he is paying attention to his surroundings unless there is a shiny object nearby.

Whisky Tango Foxtrot…Delta.  Lordy excelled himself with this twilight shot of the most talked about race car of 2012

Another event that is on my bucket list Nurburgring 24hr, Airborne Porsches, strange German sausages and Leiderhosen wearing hillbillies…what could possibly go wrong?

Gold …no not the 1980's Spandau Ballet song but the gorgeous early evening light in the Bahrain desert on the equally gorgeous Rebellion. It was only about 36 degrees when this shot was taken, down from 42 degrees. Lordy almost turned into a Hinckley puddle.