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Dunlop Le Mans

GreenGT Hits The Track

There were rumours aplenty at Silverstone about the future of the GreenGT project whose hydrogen fuelled LMP car is due to take up the Garage 56 slot at the Le mans 24 Hours in June.

The ACO’s Vincent Beaumesnil updated DSC on progress at Silverstone, making it clear that the fuel cell technology was working but that there was still a lot of work to do on preparing the car for the track, and to be safe in race conditions both to run, and to fuel.

The message was clear – The ACO remain supportive of their selection, but the project needs to move forward quickly.

So it was presumably welcome news today to hear that the car, albeit in unfinished form, had shaken down in Switzerland before a test session at Magny Cours yesterday.

The team report that the test went smoothly, with no problems.

Jean-François Weber, Managing Director and Head of R&D, said:

"We have gained a lot of information during these three driving sessions, especially concerning fuel cell stability and aerodynamic balance. We can now go back to our workshops to upgrade the lab version of the GreenGT H2 to the race version and continue our development programme"

That’s a programme, and progress, that needs to happen quickly with the days ticking by until June!