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Italian GT News Round-Up

The Campionato Italian Gran Turismo is coming to life after a long winter and despite the season's start being in May, some news is beginning to arrive.

The first point of interest concerns the calendar, which sees the trip to the tight and twisty Magione track disappearing in favour of a double run at Imola. The total number of rounds will remain at seven and will again see 12 results counting out of the 14 races.

The main news concerns the length of the races, which will be increased to 58 minutes; but only at the tracks where fuel consumption is not high (so count out Monza and Mugello).

The qualifying session still will be two 25 minutes – one for each driver – while free practice could be either a single 90 minute session or two of 45 minutes duration.

Turning to the regulations, we find that the GT2 class is officially dead, with the main title again being awarded in the GT3 class. 2013 also sees the introduction of a GT3 title for the non-professional drivers. The GT CUP class title will be again be reserved for the newer machines, while a trophy is introduced for the older machines as well as one for the GT4 cars.
We’ll have more news in the next weeks, but we can confirm that Lamborghini will be back in the GT3 class with Team Imperiale, who did a marvellous job in the last two seasons in the Cup Class.

So we should have, in GT3, Porsche vs Ferrari vs BMW vs Mercedes vs Lamborghini...take note Mr. Ratel...

Gabriele Tosi