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Radio Le Mans

Team Nigeria Racing Eagle Enter British GT
With An Audi R8 LMS

In a move that can be filed under ‘Didn’t See That Coming!’, Team Nigeria Racing Eagle have entered an Audi R8 LMS for the full 2013 British GT season.

Run in conjunction with United Autosports, the project is the mastermind of Ribi Adeshoken, and came about after his plans to field an all-African team in A1GP came to naught when that series folded.

The drivers will be 26 year-old South African former Team RSA A1GP Adrian Zaugg and 29 year-old Cameroonian Christian Ebong, who is graded Bronze on account of his having limited racing experience and none at all for the last three years.

"Our vision is to use the British GT platform to engage with people of an African origin who are emotionally attached to Africa and have a sense of belonging and pride in their country,” said Adeshoken. “We want to introduce these people to motorsport and show those them that there is more to the sport than Formula 1. Ultimately we want them to take pride in our team and support us like they would an African sportsperson at the Olympics.  We’re also working on bringing British GT to African television as week seek to attract corporate sponsors, including international brands with interest in Africa or those wanting to establish themselves further in Africa, helping them to promote and market their brands. We are hugely excited at the prospect of racing in British GT and are focusing all of our energy on making this year a success for Nigeria Racing Eagle and for the African people.”

An upgrade to an LMS ultra is anticipated mid-season, with an all-African team being the ultimate aim.

This isn’t the Audi hinted at by DSC last week, so expect more entry news soon (although Oulton Park is rapidly reaching capacity).