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Dunlop Le Mans

Henri Pescarolo Reacts To Team's Liquidation

The following brief statement was released by Henri Pescarolo earlier today after yesterday's court proceedings confirmed the liquidation of Pescarolo Team:

"As difficult as it is to accept, this decision is justified, the Commercial Court simply applied the law. Pescarolo Team having been placed under safeguard proceedings for a period of six months, I was to propose a credible solution for the continuation of the activity. But I did not manage to find a solution.

"The way I managed Pescarolo Team was not put into question; I only suffered from the failure of those that were to be my main sponsors.

"I am still owning superb premises, ideally located in the Technoparc of the 24 Hours and nothing can prevent me from doing business on my own in the future.

"I am disappointed for my team, and it matters a lot to me. While we can not hope to enter our own cars in the next 24 hours, there are other possibilities and I hope to offer them a great project, allowing them to demonstrate once again their potential."