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Andy Meyrick And Olivier Pla To Race DeltaWing In Sebring 12 Hours

French and British racing drivers Olivier Pla and Andy Meyrick have been announced as drivers of the DeltaWing at Sebring. The car, now run by Don Panoz' DeltaWing Racing Cars and team boss David Price, will be entered in the LMP1 category this time.

Olivier Pla: “As a racing driver it’s an honor to be part of this racing program, and as an OAK Racing driver I want to thank them to let me drive the DeltaWing. The DeltaWing has attracted so much attention since the beginning of the project, and Don Panoz has built and done so many things for motorsports. When I got the phone call from David Price to drive the DeltaWing at Sebring, I couldn't say no!”

Andy Meyrick: “It is a real privilege to be part of this racing program. The DeltaWing is a revolutionary racing car that challenges the way we go about racing. I am excited and extremely motivated to work with Don Panoz and DeltaWing Racing Cars. Don Panoz is one of the key supporters of sports car racing in America and worldwide and I have full belief in the program and team that he has put together.”

Further announcements regarding the DeltaWing project are expected soon.