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Dunlop Le Mans

Neveu Confident On WEC And ELMS Entry Numbers

After appearing live on the main NEC stage to announce the deal to award the RAC Tourist Trophy to the winners of the 6 Hours of Silverstone, opening round of the 2013 FIA WEC, Gerard Neveu took time to offer some soothing words on the issue of expected grid numbers for the WEC and for the ELMS that his team is now also responsible for.

“I’m entirely relaxed about WEC numbers, we will have a small reduction in privateer LMP1s but we are looking good in all other classes. 

“We know there is a growth in GTE Pro with new Porsche and Aston Martins and the Ferraris back again and we are looking OK in GTE Am too with Larbre now confirming at least a single Corvette and IMSA Performance entering a car too (the French Porsche tem look set to contest both the WEC and ELMS).

“In LMP2 there will be at least 10 cars, there will be a rebalancing with some new teams and others that perhaps won’t run, or may run one car rather than two - Overall I am expecting to be at or around the 30 car mark for the full season with others entering on a round by round basis too.”

”For the ELMS the situation is different – There may well be a longer deadline available for full season entrants allowed but it is very important that those who wish to be considered for the Le Mans 24 Hours post their series entry before the deadline.

“I said when we took over the running of the ELMS late last year that this would effectively be a re-launch and I stand by that.  We will do our best to rebuild the trust of the teams but we are very clear that many of them need to ask questions to reassure themselves.

“There are teams that are unsure about the new (3 hour) race format, many GT teams like it but some LMP2 teams are unsure.  We are talking to them and we are happy to consider amending the format in the future, perhaps to 4 hour races, but for now it is fixed and we will deliver the Series as programmed.

“We are continuing to talk to all the teams we have contact with to find what they wish to do, and how we can assist them to do this but as far as numbers are concerned in the ELMS I am very confident – It would not be difficult to do better than the field that was delivered at Donington Park but I think we can at least double the number (there were 13 cars at Donington in 2012!)

“In GTC (GT3) we are likely to get some teams coming to try the ELMS before committing to a full Series.  That is absolutely understandable – Then it is down to us to earn their trust and show that we can put on a good show.”