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FIA GT4 - Algarve - Race Reports & Results

25 cars were shown on the published entry list but just 11 cars ran on track in another disappointing GT4 turn-out.


Paul Meijer stated rather prophetically after qualifying that his double pole position for the 9th and 10th race of the season, this weekend in Portimao, is a big step towards the 2010 GT4 European Cup title. The Dutchman was quickest in both qualifying sessions and started ahead of his main rivals in the races on Saturday.

With Nissan in second and third for the opening race on Saturday, both Michael Mallock and Matt Nicoll-Jones will have a serious task during the 40-minute race. Jordan Tresson and Lucas Ordonez secured a strong 2-3 for RJN Nissan, the best qualifying result for the team so far this season.

Matt-Nicoll Jones (IMS Ginetta G50) and Michael Mallock (RS Williams Aston Martin) finished in fourth and fifth.

In the second session Mallock set second best, followed by Ordonez, Nicoll-Jones and Tresson.

Supersports saw Gianni Giudici and Marco Fumagalli secure a 1-2 for Scuderia Giudici's Lotus 2 Eleven in both sessions.

Paul Meijer:

“I’m very happy, this result is very important. It’s always better to start up front, as you are more likely to stay out of trouble during the opening stages of the race. I really want this title!”

Michael Mallock:

“We had a little incident this morning and I missed most of the free practice, which is of course far from ideal for the set-up.”

Race 1

With his fourth win of the season, Paul Meijer came very close to the fourth GT4 European Cup title.

The Dutch championship leader won the opening race of the Portuguese GT4 weekend. Matt Nicoll-Jones came home second in his IMS Ginetta and Jordan Tresson scored his maiden podium aboard an RJN Motorsport Nissan 370Z. The young Frenchman has made some impressive steps forward since his debut in Silverstone last April after winning the 2010 Playstation GT Challenge.

Paul Meijer took the lead right from the start, but the Dutch driver never could play on safe. The Nissan boys, Matt Nicoll-Jones, the second Rhesus Racing Aston and Meijer’s nearest championship rival, Michael Mallock stayed on his tail during the opening stages of the 40-minute competition.

Bad luck struck Michael Mallock when a broken gearbox dropped him into last position, ruining his last championship hopes. Lucas Ordonez also lost a possible podium after a stop & go due to a too short pitstop.

Meanwhile up front, Meijer was still leading, with the IMS Ginetta in second and Tresson’s RJN Nissan in third. This order remained unchanged through to the finish, while Lucas Ordonez and Supersport winner Gianni Giudici completed the top-5. The battle in Supersport was really thrilling, with less than a second separating the top-3.

Marco Fumagalli second in Supersports, also driving a Lotus 2Eleven, while Athanasios Ladas and Kevin Veltman were third in the KTM.

Paul Meijer:

“It was a difficult race, the other guys stayed close, especially in the opening stages of the race. I felt that my tyres were suffering from the heat and I had to be careful by the end of the race. But naturally I’m delighted with my win, the first since Spa!”

Matt Nicoll-Jones:

“We did not know the track and finding the right set-up was difficult, but crucial of course. The guys did a really fantastic job and we are now really battling for the second place in the standings, I really want the title of runner-up!”

Jordan Tresson:

“I’m so happy with my first podium! The car is getting better and better all the time, we improve every weekend and this is the result. I really feel great and I would like to thank the RJN team and all the partners for the efforts and the chance I had. Maybe I can start dreaming of an even better result in France, at Magny-Cours!”

Gianni Giudici: “I’m happy, everything is so fantastic when you win…” 

Race 1 Result

1 7 Meijer Aston Martin GT4 40:14.326  20laps
2 9 Nicoll-Jones Ginetta G50 +4.429
3 2 Tresson Nissan 350Z +17.990
4 1 Ordonez Nissan 370Z +51.510
5 211 Giudici Lotus 2Eleven +1:22.595
6 212 Fumagalli Lotus 2Eleven +1:22.821
7 100 Ladas/Veltman KTM X-Bow +1:23.126
8 8 Sangiuolo/De Pasquale Aston Martin GT4 +1:44.057
9 70 Leganov/Gottwald Ginetta G50 19 laps
10 4 Al Masaood Aston Martin GT4 18 laps
11 32 Mallock Aston Martin GT4  15 laps dnf

Race 2

Paul Meijer fumbled the start, but fought his way back into first.

Michael Mallock though was on a mission after the disappointment of race 1. He kept the pressure on Meijer and managed to get by five laps from the chequered flag. Meijer knew that he had to keep second in order to win the championship and did so by less than 2 tenths of a second.

Behind the top-3, Lucas Ordonez and Jordan Tresson gave Nissan a fourth and fifth spot, while Humaid Al Masssood scored a fine sixth.

Athanasios Ladas and Kevin Veltman scored a win for KTM in Supersport, with Lotus drivers Giudici and Fumagalli coming home in second and third. Gianni Giudici is leading the championship.

The last round of the GT4 European Cup is to be held on the 16th and 17th of October in Magny-Cours.

Paul Meijer:

“It was a difficult race, but winning the championship is so great. I’m really very delighted and we’re going to have a great party. I missed my start and even made a little mistake later in the race, but the result is there!”

Michael Mallock:

“It was a great race, a fair battle and a superb win. Thanks to all the boys of RS Williams, because what they did in between both races was just fantastic!”

Matt Nicoll-Jones:

“I’m glad with third as we struggled a bit with the set-up. But yet another podium and we still have a fair chance for second in the championship, so I’m happy.”

Race 2 Result

1 32 Mallock Aston Martin GT4 40:29.959 20 laps
2 7 Meijer Aston Martin GT4 +1.311
3 9 Nicoll-Jones Ginetta G50 +1.500
4 1 Ordonez Nissan 370Z +9.352
5 2 Tresson Nissan 350Z +20.665
6 4 Al Masaood Aston Martin GT4 +1:24.702
7 100 Ladas/Veltman KTM X-Bow +1:31.475
8 211 Giudici Lotus 2Eleven +1:40.684
9 212 Fumagalli Lotus 2Eleven +1:40.940
10 8 Sangiuolo/De Pasquale Aston Martin GT4 +1:51.940
11 70 Leganov/Gottwald Ginetta G50 +2:10.808