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VLN 41. ADAC Barbarossapreis – Race Report

Mamerow’s second win of the season


It is starting to get cold in the Eifel mountains, with autumn greeting the 180 compeititors, Marcel Tiemann won the Pole Position in a spectacular qualifying session. But it wasnt in the Manthey Porsche 997 RSR, this is because the Balance of Performance in the VLN penalized the five time season winner with a weight penalty of 50 Kilogramms. He drove his fastest lap in the Wochenspiegel Porsche, giving the team a boost after a desastrous 2009, where they destroyed several of their cars. Second behind Tiemann was Chris Mamerow in the Mamerow Racing Porsche 997 GT3 Cup S.


Right from the get go of the race Marcel Tiemann kept his lead and put quite some time between him and his competitors. Jörg Müller, in the BMW M3 GT2S, was hard charging through the field and after the first round of pit stops did some lead laps until Chris Mamerow’s partner Dirk Werner was able to chase him down and take the lead. The Wochenspiegel Porsche was already out of the race by then, when a carbon fiber part of the airbox was sucked into the engine, ending in a major engine failure.



When Dirk Werner gave the Porsche back to Chris Mamerow they already had a lead of more than 30 seconds on the now second placed Manthey Porsche 997 GT3 RSR, driven this weekend by Marcel Tiemann, Arno Klasen and Romain Dumas. Tiemann was in an intense fight with the Audi R8 LMS of Phoenix Racing shared by Marc Basseng, Frank Biela and Hans Joachim Stuck.



After a little bit more of four hours, the Mamerow Porsche scored his second win of the season, and than the drama happened. On the final lap Marc Basseng was able to get up close to Marcel Thiemann and in the Hohenrain Schikane, the final corner before the start finish line Basseng and Tiemann touched, sending Tiemann through the grass, but the Manthey Porsche was still able to finish ahead of the R8. In the parc ferme some heated words between Basseng and Tiemann were exchanged, leading the stewards of the meeting to put them under probation until the end of the season.


The BMW M3 GT2S finished a respectable fourth, less then two minutes after the winner, if they didn’t visit the pits as often they might would have won the race, but for that they have a chance in two weeks, when the second to last race is going to take place.



Sören Herweg