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GT Cup Champion Returns To Defend Title

Derek Johnston, 2012 GT Cup Champion has confirmed that he will be returning to the series to defend his title.

The Nottinghamshire based businessman is set on racing with the number #1 on his car and will be driving a Ferrari 458 GT3 car run by MTech, the team with which he is also competing in the British GT Championship.

Co-driving in the first race will be MTech boss Mike Edmonds, a driver with numerous club and European level wins.

Derek Johnston

“I’m very happy to be back. I still want to ace in the Cup because it got me there. I want to drive with number ‘1’ on my car! You go racing to win a championship and when you crunch the numbers not many people actually achieve it – so I want to drive with that ‘1’ on. It’s a good championship. I enjoy the people and the racing. It was great for me and I had some of the best races I ever had in the GT Cup last year. They were full-on bumper to bumper exciting races. I was fighting every week.”