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Tiga Progress

In addition to the Orex HPD project for the 2013 ELMS the Warrington based Dave Beecroft outfit are pushing on with Mike Newton’s Tiga CN class programme.

Messrs Beecroft and Newton were both on hand to explain the plans for the 2012 season for the cars.

“There’s a fairly major upgrade for the car coming for the season, a new higher rear roll hoop and some aero changes too, it will be renamed the Tiga CN12A for the year, " said Mike Newton, clearly enjoying the new programme.

“We also made some suspension changes that it turned out were a major step forward, we also found 7 km/h in a straight line just with a fix for what turned out to be a mapping problem!" added Beecroft.

“Beyond that there’s a decision to be taken on where we go next with the project,"said Newton "I’m not convinced that a carbon chassis is the best route but there are other alternatives.

“The current car is based on a spaceframe chassis and we have now obtained another car to do some back to back testing, and possibly racing.

That project is the WF03 project, raced successfully both by Team WFR and Beecroft in 2011.

Dave Beecroft

“The car is based on an Aluminium honeycomb chassis and we have bought the whole project, including two fully built cars, a third car that is near complete and a fourth bare chassis.

“That gives us an ideal opportunity to assess the pros and cons of the two different technologies.  The cars will be redubbed as Tiga CN12Bs and we might race one later this season, or they may just, for the moment at least, be used for testing and development.”