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BBT To Join the 2013 Asian Le Mans Series

The Asian Le Mans Series’ grid grows further! BBT will enter in the GTC category of the new Asian Le Mans Series 2013 with a Lamborghini LP600 FL2 GT3.

After success at the 2011/2012 Asian “One Make Series” and the 2012 Super Trofeo Asia-Pacific, BBT are taking the deserved step-up to Asian Le Mans Series (Asian LMS). They will compete in the six race series against some of the greatest car manufacturers and world-class drivers, in the only pan-Asian open racing series.

Driver Davide Rizzo recognizes the stature and high level of competition guaranteed at AsianLMS as being great draws for BBT, “Firstly, we think it will be the most professional championship in Asia, having a mix of drivers coming from all over the world and some of the most competitive car manufacturers involved directly in the series. Secondly is the chance for us to step up into one of the most prestigious GT series, which could give us the chance to take part in the 24 Hours of Le Mans race.”

BBT have past experience with the Lamborghini LP600 FL2 GT3, and have their sights set on top three finishes throughout the series on their way to securing a spot in the grid for the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Rizzo believes the car’s performance will be one of the critical factors in the races, but he is confident with their choice, “With three hours races the car performance is important, but the reliability will make the difference - the main target for us will be to build up a strong team and of course to step on the podium as much as possible”

With the step-up in level of competition teamwork will be crucial, and Rizzo notes, “Our team is looking forward to step up, we have a mix of European and Asian technicians that have been working in motorsport for many years, all of us are ready for a great and exciting season.”

oining Rizzo at the wheel for BBT will be China’s Anthony Liu and fellow Italian’s Massimiliano Wiser.

(Asian Le Mans Series)