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Radical At The NEC Show

A very large Radical stand saw plenty of interest from showgoers and plenty of positive developments from the Peterborough-based company.

The headline act was the new (and in showcar form at least) VERY yellow Radical RXC.  The company’s first ever coupe certainly drew a crowd and whilst some pointed to the rather snub nosed frontal styling there is little doubt that the new car delivers hypercar performance for less than supercar money.

The company’s nominated test driver for the RXC is none other than Andy Wallace and he was effusive in his praise for the new car:

“It’s as close as you are ever likely to get to a race car for the road, the best part about it though is that when you get to the track it’s a track car with very little compromise built in.

“The performance is amazing, nothing of a surprise for anyone that has sampled a radical, but it will be an eye opener for anyone they gets their motoring kicks with a more regular supercar.

“This isn’t, quite, as fast as an LMP2 but then it isn’t nearly as expensive either!”

AWOL is in the midst of a test and development programme for the car and is set to be present at various track day and race events to help continue that process, and to attract customers too.

Alongside the RXC was its new baby sister the entry-level SR1, grids for the new single make series look well filled already and that’s not the only bit of success that the company are seeing, even in these difficult times.

Radical’s Will Brown walked us through the company’s 2012 range and was keen to emphasise that the company now believe that they have a product for anyone who wants to race, run on track, or indeed own a truly extreme road car:

“And we are cutting the cost of racing too. Compared to last year the Clubmans Cup is 20% cheaper in 2013, the Masters Series too comes out around 20% cheaper and the UK Radical Cup’s successor series is actually 25% cheaper this year than last.”