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Bart Hayden - On Rebellion’s Progress

Gary Horrocks caught up with Rebellion Racing’s Bart Hayden at Long Beach last weekend, the 
Team boss juggling WEC and ALMS commitments this year, with hopes of a double title challenge for the Anglo-Swiss squad.
“I was really doing quite well here until this afternoon (Friday), then the jet lag got to me.  It’s been a long week, coming off the race at Silverstone.  I flew in on Monday and all was well, but now it’s all catching up with me.”

“We’ve really enjoyed the racing here thus far.  We enjoy the opportunity to race for the overall win, like we can do here in the ALMS.  It is a bit of a scramble, especially with the back to back weekends, but we knew it would be this way when we committed.”

“At Silverstone, we ran with a new rear wing set up.  We worked with Multimatic to come up with it and I guess it worked OK for us.  I’m not sure to what extent it helped us, time wise, but the drivers were happy, so I guess I’m happy.  We had originally intended to run it here, but then I saw the amount of work it took at Silverstone to make the conversion and had second thoughts.  Then there is the added risk of damage here in the tight confines; I think we’ll wait until (Mazda Raceway) Laguna Seca to race with it.

“We’ll be keeping a group of the guys here with the car and they’ll update the car before the next race.  I’d rather do it at a leisurely pace and just not have to rush it, plus to be honest, we barely have any room here in the very crowded paddock.

“The interesting thing about the wing is that it really addresses a problem we’ve had with the Lola, specifically an abundance of front grip.  When we switched to the narrow rear wing we really had to dial out some of the front grip.  Now, with the wing we can start to bring some of that front grip back in.

“We know eventually that Muscle Milk will race the wide front set up on their HPD, so our changing over to the new aero is a preemptive move to their eventual planned change.  When we swapped over to the wide fronts, it took us awhile to optimize the car and I think that is what you are seeing with Muscle Milk right now and maybe even with Dyson.

“As far as the future, we’re still sorting that.  Our plans are to continue in P1 in the WEC, but it doesn’t look like we’ll be back here in the States in 2014.  The unknown about the future just makes a commitment for next year too difficult to make.  There are times that juggling the WEC and the ALMS is difficult enough with the same car.  There is no way we could jump into 2014 with different cars.  If things work out, maybe we can be back in 2015.  It just depends on how things go.