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Level 5 Opt Out Of 2013 LMP2 Campaign

John Dagys over at has confirmed what we’d suspected for the past few weeks, following a flurry of team personnel making themselves available for other 2013 campaigns, that Level 5 Motorsports have opted not to contest the 2013 ALMS, leaving the final season of the Series without a single confirmed full season LMP2 entry.

That’s bad news for the ALMS, and for the immediate future of LMP racing in North America with only a handful of LMP1s looking set to contest the Series.  That adds further to the challenges facing the ALMS in this transitional year after news broke over the Christmas break of the postponement of the 2012 Le Mans debut of Mazda’s new SKYACTIV-D motor.

The move coincided with a parting of the ways between Mazda and Dempsey Racing leaving engine tuners Speedsource with the challenge of not only developing the engine in the workshop, but also likely having to give the Mazda its race debut, possibly with a limited late season ALMS programme and likely aboard the outfit’s own, as yet unraced Lola Coupe, believed to be the last car completed by the Huntingdon factory.