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Alpine Brand To LMP2 - With LMP1 To Follow?

The jungle drums have been beating for the past few days ahead of an promised “major announcement” at Le Mans this Friday but it seems that a combination of local media leaks and journalistic detective work has unscrambled the code, and it’s some announcement as Renault join the lengthening list of manufacturers returning to sportscar racing!

Signatech are set to feature Alpine badging on their LMP2 Orecas marking the return to Le Sarthe for the famous name for the 1978 Le Mans winning marque for first time since a privateer GT car in the mid 1990s as the brand is relaunched on track and on the road too in association with Caterham.

This time though the move might be set to be the vanguard of a very serious effort to come, with an LMP1 programme on the list of possible programmes as well as a GT version of a forthcoming roadcar - Is it this programme that some industry observers recently mistook as a potential Nissan F1 programme?  Indeed if our colleagues over at Racecar Engineering are correct the potential LMP1 motive power could well be shared with F1 as the engine regulations move into ever closer alignment.

If correct this could see the Alpine and Nissan brands both competing, initially in LMP2 and later in other classes too!