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FFSA, Lédenon – Race Reports
Luxury Racing & Oreca Share The Spoils

Race One


Christophe Campbell set the pole position behind the wheel of the #33 Luxury Racing Ferrari 430 Scuderia, with a laptime of 1:21.235. However, the session had been hard-fought because Campbell was only three thousandths quicker than David Hallyday's #25 Oreca Audi R8 LMS in second.

On the second row, Julien Rodrigues (#6 Luxury Racing Ferrari) was ahead of Bruno Hernandez (#26 Oreca Audi) and on the third row François Jakubowski (#23 Luxury Racing Ferrari) was fifth quickest and Gérard Tonelli (#9 Graff Racing Corvette Z06), sixth.


From the pole position, Campbell was the best starter.

He was ahead of Hallyday and Stéphane Léméret (#37 WRT Audi), who had jumped from the fourth row and was soon awarded a drive through penalty due to this anticipated start. At the end of the first lap, Campbell had already a two-second lead.

Campbell soon built a small gap on the #25 Audi R8 LMS while further in the field the fight was rife between Tonelli, Hernandez and Jakubowski. Soon after, Rodrigues succeeded in passing Jakubowski's sister car for third place. Eric Debard (#1 DKR Corvette) had a spin after gearbox problems (Lap 12) and lost precious time.

After the pitstops and the driver changes, Stéphane Ortelli (#25 Oreca Audi) was now in the lead, ahead of Jean-Christophe Dayraut (#33 Ferrari) who was pushing really hard, trying to close the gap and who was making some impressive moves on backmarkers. He was soon in Ortelli's exhaust. Ortelli tried to resist the pressure but he suffered a strong contact with another backmarker (#68 Florent Priez's JSB Lamborghini Gallardo) and the Oreca Audi had to retire unfortunately.

So, Dayraut was the new leader, ahead of Ayari (#26 Audi), Canal (#9 Corvette), Derlot (#17 Corvette) and Makowiecki (#23 Ferrari). Ayari was really fast and was coming back on Dayraut. He succeeded in overtaking the leading Ferrari within 14 minutes of the chequered flag.

Behind both drivers, Julien Canal, who was still in third place, slowed down abruptly with a broken transmission. Frédéric Makowiecki passed Renaud Derlot for third pace and so two Luxury Racing Ferraris were on the podium, behind Ayari/Hernandez; easy winners with their Audi R8 LMS.

Results -here

Race Two


In this qualifying session for the top-seeded drivers, the pole position was claimed by Frédéric Makowiecki (#23 Luxury Racing Ferrari 430 Scuderia).

He had been quicker by five tenths than Julien Briché (#4 JSB Compétition Lamborghini Gallardo). Stéphane Ortelli (#25 Oreca Audi R8 LMS) was third quickest, Jean-Christophe Dayraut (#33 Luxury Racing Ferrari 430) fourth and Soheil Ayari (#26 Oreca Audi R8 LMS) fifth quickest.


At the start, Makowiecki kept the lead ahead of Briché while Dayraut had passed Ortelli's Audi for third place. Renaud Derlot (#17 Graff Racing Corvette Z06) had to pit at the end of lap 1.

After three laps, Makowiecki had a three seconds lead on Briché who had eked out a small gap on Dayraut, who was still in third place.

In lap 6, Olivier Panis (#1 DKR Corvette Z06) was trapped in the gravel and his extinguisher was activated unduly. Moulin-Traffort (#12 GCR Mediaco Viper) had to retire with a broken clutch, and so did Renaud Derlot, with engine problems.

After 20 minutes, when coming on the backmarkers, Makowiecki had a spin but he managed to keep control of the Ferrari and stayed in the lead, threatened now by Briché. Dayraut and Ortelli were still fighting for third place.

After the pitstops and the driver changes, the #23 Ferrari, driven now by François Jakubowski was leading the race, ahead of Jean-Claude Lagniez (#4 Lamborghini) and David Hallyday (#25 Audi). Hallyday was really pushing hard and succeeded in passing the Gallardo. Soon after, Lagniez had a spin and lost some positions; so Bruno Hernandez (#26 Audi) was now in third place.

Jakubowski could cruise easily to the finish line and he won the race ahead of the two Oreca Audis.

Campbell/Dayraut (#33 Luxury Racing Ferrari), winners on Saturday, were in fourth place and Stéphane Lemeret/Grégory Franchi (#37 WRT Audi) eventually finished in fifth position.

Race 2 results - here 

In the championship standings, Arnaud Peyroles and Renaud Derlot (#9 Graff Racing Corvette Z06) are still in the lead, with 56 points, ahead of Campbell/Dayraut (#33 Luxury Racing Ferrari), 43, Makowiecki/Jakubowski (#23 Luxury Racing Ferrari, 37), Ayari/Hernandez (#26 Oreca Audi), 32, Bouchut/Merafina (#8 Sainteloc-Phoenix Racing Audi), 26, Ortelli/Hallyday (#25 Oreca Audi) and Groppi/Bornhauser (#7 Larbre Porsche 911 GT3 R) tied with 22 points.

Claude Foubert