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VLN, 35th DMV 250-Meilen Rennen – Race Report
Manthey Makes It Two In A Row

The 35th DMV 250-Meilen Race was marked by bright sunshine, exciting racing action and interesting numbers games. Arno Klasen and Lucas Luhr scored their second consecutive victory on a golden October day.

The ninth round of the VLN endurance racing championship at the Nürburgring was classified in two parts due to an interruption of the race. With the two parts aggregated, Chris Mamerow and Armin Hahne came second with a gap of 4.524 seconds. In third place were Sabine Schmitz and Klaus Abbelen in another Porsche 911 GT3 R.

The 35th DMV 250-Meilen Race was interrupted after 79 minutes. “At this point, several accidents had happened, independently of each other, and all of the safety intervention vehicles were out on the track,” said Peter Bröcher, Clerk of the Course. “In order to ensure full safety, we decided to stop the race.” The re-start was given at 14:57hrs and the racing distance was fixed at 2:20 hours.

In the timed practice, Mamerow and Hahne had gained pole position with a fantastic time of 8:11.006 minutes.

After the first part of the race, the driver duo was shown in first place with an advantage of 2.857 seconds. Mamerow then lost valuable time in the second part, so Luhr managed to take the chequered flag in first place. “A big compliment to the Manthey team as, after the shifting problems in qualifying, they changed the gearbox at record speed before the start of the race,” said Luhr. “We took the start from grid position 21 and won the race – fantastic. I had to push very hard from Chris in the final stage of the race to defend my position.” Mamerow admitted; “It was Russian roulette today, with all the yellow sectors on the track. In one particular situation towards the end of the race, Lucas was more lucky than me when I lost too much time.”
Marc Basseng, Frank Stippler and Christopher Mies came in fourth in the Audi R8 LMS entered by Phoenix-Racing, followed by Alexandros Margaritis and Dominik Schwager in their Dörr-Motorsport BMW Alpina B6 GT.

Ralf Schall and Andrii Lebed finished in sixth place with the Black Falcon  Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT3. The top ten was completed by Martin Ragginger and Sebastian Asch in a Falken-Porsche; Sean Paul and Patrick Breslin in the second Black-Falcon-gullwing race car; Georg Weiss, Oliver Kainz and Michael Jacobs in the Wochenspiegel-Porsche; and Wolfgang Kohler, Frank Kräling and Christian Menzel in the fastest Cup-Porsche.
A preliminary decision in the fight for the title in the VLN endurance racing championship Nürburgring has been taken. Three of the four potential championship winners were out of luck during the ninth race. Maik Rosenberg suffered technical problems in his LMS Engineering Volkswagen Scirocco soon after the start; Jannik Olivo and Elmar Jurek had to retire after a collision, which was not their fault; and, for Markus Schmickler and Lars Heisel in a BMW 325, the race was over after 17 laps. The Black-Falcon Juniors, Knechtges, Metzger and Scheerbarth, are thus practically uncatchable in the championship lead.

Under normal circumstances, the driver trio will symbolically receive start number one in two weeks time. They could only lose their title if they were excluded at the tenth and final round, as it is not eligible to count an exclusion as one of the two results which are not considered for the final championship classification.

The final race of the season takes places this coming weekend.