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Audi R18 Notes - Test Day Car For 2014 Tyre Trials

The fourth Audi R18 e-tron quattro entered by the Audi factory team for the 9 June Le Mans test day is a test car, designed and equipped to gather data for the 2014 spec LMP1 regulations.

Audi will co-operate with Michelin at the test to get live data on a range of parameters including tyre and axle loadings for the smaller tyres mandated from 2014 - (14 instead of 16 inches overall width, 28 instead of 28.5 inches outer diameter)

Wolfgang Ullrich said:

"Our objective is to generate a database for handling the future tyres that is as versatile and reliable as possible.

"The impending technological change is fundamental. Therefore, we are providing all the data being gathered to our long-standing partner Michelin as well."

Marco Bonanomi is the nominaed driver for the test car.