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Dindo Returns To Italian GT
And Other News

With just over a week to go before the start of its 2013 season at Misano, the Italian GT Championship is able to celebrate some significant late news.

Audi Sport Italia, the big loser in the last dramatic race at Monza last October, returns to the series with a vengeance with Dindo Capello – now here for the full season – partnered once again with Andrea Sonvico in the first car; while the second R8 sees the solid Alex Frassineti joined by 2012 Superstars champion Tommy Kristofferson – definitely a lineup to watch during the seven race season.

Elsewhere, it’s now official that the Chevrolet Corvette will be part of the championship again, with the usual C6 fielded by RC Motorsport team. Roberto Del Castello will drive the car, with a second driver yet to be named.

New team MP1 will have Gabriele Lancieri joining Giuseppe Cirò in its 2013 full spec Ferrari 458 Italia, while Mik Corse will have a second Lamborghini Gallardo FL2 for the Italian all-rounder Luca Rangoni, who is partnered by his usual teammate Daniele Mulacchiè. Finally on the driver front, the Antonelli Porsche team has confirmed that Andrea Passuti will have another young-gun at his side this year, in the form of 2011 GT Cup champion Andrea Mapelli.

One last piece of news is that there has been a revision to the BoP for this season that basically means that all the 2012 versions of each car will have to carry more weight and less power, in order to ensure that the overall victory will go to a newer machine.

Gabriele Tosi