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Dunlop Le Mans

FIA WEC GTE Balance Of Performance Set

Following a recent meeting of the Endurance Committee in Paris, the Balance of Performance adjustments for both the LMGTE Pro and Am classes of the FIA World Endurance Championship have been set.  These adjustments are made against the base figures set in the 2013 Technical Regulations; these come into immediate effect and are equally applicable for the 24 Hours of Le Mans.
Vincent Beaumesnil, Sporting Director of the ACO, said:

“The Balance of Performance for the LMGTE Pro and Am cars has been unveiled for the new season.  The Balance of Performance for 2013 for each car entered for the FIA WEC and for Le Mans has been arrived at using data from various sources.  Of course the performance of the cars will be monitored throughout the season and the BoP will be adjusted if necessary.”
Taking into account data provided by the manufacturers, adjustments can be made to any, or all, of five different areas of the car:  weight, the diameter of air restrictors, the size of the Gurney on the rear wing, fuel tank capacity and the size of the distance between the top of the rear wing and the roof of the car. 
For the LMGTE Pro category, the Porsche GT3 RSR (997) and the Porsche GT3 RSR (991) will receive an adjustment of weight (-35kg) from the baseline 1245 kg, and +0.7mm to the two restrictors (28.6mm). The same modifications apply to the LMGTE Am Porsche 997. The Porsche GT3 RSR (991) will also have a reduction of -100mm in the height of the rear wing from the roof of the car.
The Ferrari F458 Italia will also receive an adjustment, applicable to both Pro and Am classes, of weight (-10kg), a reduction of -5 litres from the standard 90 litre fuel tank capacity and a reduction of -100mm in the height of the rear wing from the roof of the car.
Aston Martin Racing’s Vantage V8s will benefit from -40kg in weight, balanced with +1.4mm on the restrictors (28.3mm).  The British cars have also received an adjustment to the rear wing Gurney (-10mm) and +5 litres to the fuel tank capacity.  Again, these changes are applicable for both Pro and Am entries.
The final FIA WEC car featured in the latest decisions from the Endurance Committee is the LMGTE Am Corvette C6R which receives +5 kg in weight, +1.3mm in diameter of restrictors (27.9mm) and a reduction of -25mm in the height of the rear wing from the roof of the car.