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Dunlop Le Mans

Alpine’s Last Appearance At Le Mans

Whilst Alpine’s Le Mans history is defined for many by the blue beauties of the ‘60s and, of course the iconic yellow, black and white 1978 race winning A442B, the last appearance of the marque in the race was far more recent.

In fact it was almost 20 years ago, back in 1994, with a one off appearance from this A610 Turbo, the rear engined GT car was touted at the time as a Porsche 911 alternative but sold in relatively tiny numbers.

One-off it may have been but the car, driven by French trio Benjamin Roy, Luc Galmard and Jean-Claude Police came home in a fine 13th position overall, fifth place in a hotly contested GT2 class.

Picture copyright Justin Harrington c/o