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Heico Sells Motorsport Division To HTP

Nearly gone unnoticed by many, but Heico Group announced last week that after 26 very successful seasons they have sold their motorsport division. The 2012 FIA GT3 European Championship winning team has been sold to Dutch investment company and Heico Motorsport partner, HTP Investment Group.

HTP bought the entire operation from Heico and relocated it from Meuspath to the former Persson Motorsport workshop near Saarbr├╝cken. The Persson Motorsport workshop was in use until 2011 when Heico took over and moved the DTM team to Meuspath.

HTP Motorsport will continue to race Mercedes SLS AMG GT3 in various series. Full details are expected to be announced soon, but HTP Motorsport's technical director Renaud Dufour could confirm that the joint-venture with Charouz, which was so successful in 2012, will be continued.

"For the FIA GT Series we will collaborate with Charouz as we did in 2012 in FIA GT3. Charouz will provide the cars and mechanics and HTP will be responsible for the drivers and management staff (engineers and team manager)," said Dufour. "The GT team is really in place with a lot of experienced people. We will announce our drivers for 2013 soon."