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Belcar - 10 Hours Of Zolder - Race Report

It was a very wet 10 Hours of Zolder that decided the outcome of the 2010 Belcar season. After 10 hours of rain racing, Bert Longin and François Verbist took the spoils in the WRT Audi R8 LMS and Anthony Kumpen and Greg Franchi won the Belcar title.

Victory in the season’s most important Belcar race and the title, the first season of Vincent Vosse’s brand new Audi WRT Team has been a tremendous success.

Rain, rain and rain: that were the three main issues for the Belcar final in Zolder.

The free practice on Saturday morning was cancelled due to drainage problems, but for qualifying everything was fine again and Marcel Fässler set the Kumpen-Franchi Audi R8 on pole, followed by both ProSpeed Porsche 911 of Goossens-Soulet-Westbrook and Lieb-Ide-Maes. Iain Dockerill and Steven Kane were fifth in the KIA Pro_ceed Silhouette and Nico Verdonck showed his talent in a 5-year old Porsche Supercup in seventh position, being quicker than a few other Aston, Ferrari or Lamborghini GT3.

The first half of the race, with points after 2,5 and 5 hours were a real open battle between the WRT and ProSpeed clan. Marc Goossens lost some time on the start grid due to a battery problem, but the most American of all Belgian drivers fought back in a magnificent way.

Another star of the day was Marcel Fässler, lapping sometimes 3 to 4 seconds a lap quicker than all the other competitors in tremendous conditions.

The most unlucky man in Zolder was without any doubt Richard Westbrook. Points were allocated after a quarter and halfway mark in the race and as such the lead of Marc Goossens and Maxime Soulet on their immediate rivals in the championship registered half a point. But then fate hit them. 

Richard Westbrook: "I went straight on in the Villeneuve chicane and at first sight everything appeared to be alright, but then the car’s water temperature started to rise. Due to the incident the radiator had become unattached and I had to immediately return to the pits. Notwithstanding some really fast repair work from the team we lost valuable time. I’m truly disappointed and there’s nothing more I can add to that.” 

Marcel Fässler did almost the same thing, but his Audi was unhurt and the Swiss rocket continued, but not without losing two laps. This meant that Bert Longin and François Verbist meanwhile took the lead and they kept it until the chequered flag. Marc Lieb, Enzo Ide and Ruben Maes finished in second, while the new champions made it into third, keeping their rivals off the podium and the title.

Rudi Penders (ProSpeed): “A great pity for the entire team, we were so looking to clinch the Belgian title. Losing the title by half a point, the smallest ever difference in the Belcar history, is truly unfortunate, all the more so seeing we had won half of this season’s races and clinched victory in more races than the champions.”

The KIA of Chad Racing took a fine start with a superb Steven Kane, but Iain Dockerill decided throughout the race to park the car in the box. "Just could not see enough to drive safely, car had fantastic grip, even I did a 1.56...", told the most Belgian of all Brits after the race.

Joost Custers

Result 10 Hours of Zolder

1. Verbist-Longin (Audi R8 LMS) 270 laps  
2. Ide-Maes (#61 Porsche 911 GT3-R) +2 laps 
3. Kumpen-Franchi (Audi R8 LMS) +4 laps  
4. Goossens-Soulet (#60 Porsche 911 GT3-R) +10 laps  

Final Result Belcar Endurance Championship

1. Kumpen-Franchi (Audi R8 LMS) 105.5 points
2. Goossens-Soulet (#60 Porsche 911 GT3-R) 105
3. Verbist-Longin (Audi R8 LMS) 95.5
4. Ide-Maes (#61 Porsche 911 GT3-R) 78
5. Wauters-Van Hooydonk (Dodge Viper) 56