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Protesters Massing

The "Ja zum Nürburgring" group has announced a public protest meeting on March 19 in Mainz, the capital of Rheinland-Pfalz to continue their campaign against packaging the Nordschleife and the Grand Prix track from a far from risk-free package sale of all the circuit assets.

"Ja zum Nürburgring" has a long history; it is the same non-profit group that was instrumental in blazing the trail for the construction of the new Grand Prix track, and at the same time the preservation of the Nordschleife, post-1976. The famed 1980 "Nürburgring" liveried BMW M1 (with the Nordschleife map on the car) was part of that campaign.

The group again lent the Ring its support, raised awareness & money in the pre-Schumacher days when motor racing was frowned upon in Germany; they spoke out against the Nürburgring 2009 project when it was first introduced; and they again sprang into action when the FIA nearly revoked the track license for the Nordschleife a few years ago; and they may have had a say in the recent F1 negotiations. Now they are going public yet again and have been joined in this endeavour by an array of other supporters including Save the Ring, local and regional Trade Unions, the RCN timetrial series, theYoungtimers and the VLN Series too .

Perhaps those making the decisions will finally listen to those that care the most!

Johannes Gauglica