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Porsche Upgrades The 911 GT3 R
Aero Modifications

Porsche has officially unveiled the 2013 version of its highly successful 911 GT3 R, which is available either as a new car or as a €45,500 (plus VAT) upgrade from the 2012 model; and as we can see from these photos of Motorbase's new car - testing today at Snetterton - there are some noticeable differences.

Most obviously, the aerodynamics of the car have undergone significant revision. In addition, the front bumper panels, all fenders, the sill covers, the rear panel and underbody with rear diffuser have all received further fine-tuning in the wind tunnel. The rear wing was enlarged to the width of the vehicle and repositioned to work optimally with the redesigned body.  The net result is that it now generates substantially more downforce, allowing for higher cornering speeds and later braking points. The wider track and the adapted wheels provide additional improvement in traction.

The suspension has undergone modification, with the track of the front and rear axles growing by 50 millimetres and the width of the front rims increasing to 12 inches from the original 10.9. The wheelbase of the revised car has also increased by ten millimetres.

There have been no revisions to the engine, gearbox or electronic driver aids.