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Save Spa Aerodrome
Another Piece Of History Is Threatened
Not only is the future of the Nürburgring once again under threat, as Johannes Gauglica has already told DSC, but close by in the Ardennes there is a battle to save the Spa Malchamps aerodrome, writes Mark Cole.

The airfield is on the road between Spa and Francorchamps, and is a centre for private flying (home to the Royal Aero Club), sky-diving and is also used as an airport for Spa circuit at race weekends by the better-heeled teams.
Landowner Spa Monopole, the spa water producer, has withdrawn its licence for the 100-year old aerodrome, and the Walloon Regional finance minister Andre Antoine says the government cannot afford to buy it. 

Roger Somme in his Farman biplane 1909

ASBL Defendons Francorchamps, a local activist group, has organised a petition which you can sign on-line if you feel strongly enough saving a part of the Belgian circuit's heritage.
DF says "Behind these political problems (each player passing the buck and hiding behind false excuses), there are jobs that will be lost, and businesses put in financial difficulty. In addition, the airport is vital to the survival of the circuit of Spa-Francorchamps. The only way to put pressure on the politicians is to seek the assistance of citizens by signing the petition for the survival of airfield Spa Malchamps. By clicking on  this link  and sharing it with your network, you will help Spa aerodrome make politicians understand that they were elected to find solutions, not to demolish a site that has existed for more than 100 years and is part of Spa's heritage."