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Autorlando Sport Commit to Maxi Endurance 48

Autorlando Sport are one of the latest teams to announce their intention of competing in the Maxi Endurance 48 hour race at Navarra.

The Italian Porsche aces will bring one of their GT3 spec Porsche GT3 Rs to the race and are actively searching for the right driver combination for this unique challenge.

Team owner Orlando Redolfi:

“This is an extreme formula, challenging and intriguing.  You need to make twice the arrangements that we would normally do for a 24 Hour race.

“We need too to find the best driver squad variations to preserve the car, the engine and the gearbox.

“It’s also essential to carefully manage our human resources: drivers, mechanics, technicians, will all have to be at their peak for 48 hour plus at least 6/8 hours for the preparation of the start.  That’s going to be a major mental and physical challenge. Last but not least there will need to be an abundance of passion and work!

“It is a new challenge and big, unknown but at the same time it’s very exciting. At this point we can only imagine some of the issues and challenges that will come up  before the finish line!”

And why the GT3 R?

“The car has proved to be very reliable, and very fast in endurance races.  But we are also going to look to see whether we can find the interest and the budget to bring a second car, perhaps a GT3 Cup Porsche, too.  That would help us to keep down the fixed costs, and have more possibility in finding the budget”.

Are you still looking for drivers?

“Yes, because finding the right combination in the current global economic crisis is not easy. It will be an expensive commitment and being a new event, there will be to work to attract the interest of sponsors and drivers.”