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ALMS, 12 Hours of Sebring - P&Q Gallery 1
Photography by Martin Spetz

It's Rude To Point Al!
Team Chat
Now Say Aaaah!

Specs Racers
Olly G
Lucas Luhr Ready To Go

In New Look HPD
Gripping Stuff

Ah Briscoe!
Listening In
Butch Plug

A Whiter Shade Of Pale
Bruno Junqueira
Ende Game

Beretta Waits
Treluyer At Rest

Carbon Everywhere
He's Got The Lux
TKS Ready To Go

Cool Customer
Will Sebring See A Welsh Sporting Highlight (Because Cardiff Won't!)
New Cutbacks On Sidepod To Aid Cooling

Final Equipment Check
Bubbly Character
Neel Goes For The Eminem Look

Wrapping Up
Ready To Go Audi Hunting
Rebellion Dressed To Impress