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Two Car Ginetta Effort Brings New Blood To GT Cup

SPY Motorsport to Race G50 Pair

 New to the GT Cup Championship for 2013 will be SPY Motorsport, a team fielding two Ginetta G50s for the season.

The first pairing is Ian Payne (32, Maidenhead) and Ben Tompkins (46, Chalfont St Giles), both of whom arrive following campaigns in Caterham racing. They have raced for four and six seasons respectively. The duo are friends who met through racing and decided to share a car in the GT Cup Championship.

The second car will be driven by Peter Young (26, Henley on Thames) and Paul Fleurie (45, Manchester). They also met racing Caterhams with Peter starting in 2006 and Paul in 2007, with both working their way up through the Caterhams series. Peter runs SPY which has had race wins in all levels of Caterham racing as well as a drivers championship win in the Caterham Eurocup and team championship win in Caterham Superlight R300s.

Ian Payne:

“We’re both petrol heads .and think that GT Cup is a good introduction to GT racing. The Ginetta in GT4 spec should be quite competitive and the costs are better than other GT series. We are sponsored by Borro and Secondsight so I have to say a big thank you to them for helping us make this all happen.”

Peter Young:

“GT Cup has a good format of races for the money – it’s very cost effective. For this type of car it was the best we could find.”

Marc Haynes, GT Cup Championship:

“It’s great to see experienced seasoned racers from other formulae switching onto the attraction of GT racing and we welcome new blood choosing the GT Cup Championship as their way in. I think SPY Motorsport will fit well into the paddock. It’s definitely a friendly but competitive atmosphere which is a good way of starting in GTs. We are delighted to see a good mix of old hands and new blood in the championship for 2013 which is shaping up to be an exciting grid for us with a minimum of 20 cars now set for our first race. We are optimistic for more than 20 but do not want to be accused of being over confident.”