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Dunlop ALMS

ALMS, Petit Le Mans
October 18/20 2012

Murphy Race Report - Another Starring Role Thwarted

Petit Le Mans - Wrap-Up - A Fitting End To An Unusual Year

Race Gallery - Photography by Martin Spetz

Race Gallery - Photography by Joe Martin

Results From All Sessions

Hour 9 to the Finish - Rebellion Wins - ESM Holds on to Take GT

Late-Race Quotes - Further Views & Comments from Those Involved

Hour 8 - More Yellows - 2012 Title for Muscle Milk

Hour 7 - Corvette 4 Delayed - Level 5 Clinches P2 Title

Mid-Race Quotes - Views & Comments from Those Involved

Hour 6 - Majestic Rebellion, Dramas in GT

Hour 5 - Rebellion Resplendent - All to Fight for in P2, GT and GTC

Hour 4 - Rebellion Romping Away - DeltaWing Makes Third Overall

Hour 3 - Drama for Dyson This Time

Hour 2 - Dramas for Muscle Milk - All Change in All Classes

Race Start and Hour 1 - Tight Battles in All Classes

Warm-up & Morning Notes - Grid Changes, Warm-up & Observations

Qualifying Up-date - Grid Changes - ESM 02 Pole Winning Time Disallowed

State of the Union Address - High Points and Comments

Qualifying Quotes - Comments from those involved

GT Before the Storm - The Beating Heart of the ALMS

Rebellion Racing's Petit Le Mans Challenge - Targeting The Top Step

P&Q Gallery - Photography by Joe Martin

P&Q Gallery - Photography by Martin Spetz

Qualifying - A Truly Memorable Session - Pole for Rebellion

Friday Morning Practice - Things are Hotting Up at Road Atlanta

Thursday Evening Quotes & Notes - Views on Night Practice

Thursday Night Practice - Two Hours, Not Much Action

Thursday Quotes from the Paddock - The View from a Green Hornet Porsche

Thursday Afternoon - Dull & Overcast, but Entertaining

Thursday Morning - Damp and Quiet

Wednesday Test Report - Delta Wing Takes Flight

Preview - Action Ahoy!


Andy Blackmore Spotter Guide

Entry List

Preview - Action Ahoy!