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Grand-Am, The Rolex 24 At Daytona - P&Q Gallery
Photography by Andrew 'Skippy' Hall

Equal Opportunities Employer
Restricted View
Targetting Victory

Starworks Duo
Advantage Riley?
Class Of '13

Local Heroes
Extreme Patriotism
Sticker Job

Ryan Dalziel About To Send Skippy A Direct Message
What A Rip Off!
Still Work To Do

MSR Looking Good Again
Manatee Racing

Detroit's Best Hope?
Starting From The Front
Winging It!

A Study In Orange
Hot Dog!
Paying Homage

Racing For Austria
Formation Flying
Flying Solo

Jamie McMurray Pushes On
Red Dragon
Viper Powered Porsche

Scott Pruett In The Hunt For A Fifth Watch
Friday Misfortune For
Blast From The Past

A Truly International Race
Side By Side
Classic Florida Landscape

The Boys From Brazil
A New Look For Doran
A High Profile Audi Effort This Year

Blinded By The Lights

Form An Orderly Queue
Marino Coeur De Lion
The Mayor Of Hinchtown

Flying The Flag
A Sophisticated Crowd
Barbecue - Daytona Style