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Paddock Gossip From Daytona

Pat Long confirmed that the CORE Porsche effort in GT will not be ready in time for Sebring.  They will likely be ready to go in time for Long Beach, but due to the nature of the circuit there will opt to debut at Laguna the following month. 

The Risi Ferrari is due in the country just before the Sebring test, the team expects to be at the test, ready to go.  Among the driver talent for the team is expected to be Olivier Beretta.

Expect an announcement from Dempsey Racing as soon as next week.  Good money is on a two-car GTC effort in the ALMS, with one source indicating that Patrick may be teamed with Andy Lally in one of the cars.  The expected Le Mans entry for the team will likely have them dusting off their LMP2 Lola from last season.

The Flying Lizard effort for 2013 has been confirmed as a single entry, but there is a good chance that the team will be running a second car for the season.

Jörg Bergmeister as of the moment is not scheduled to be driving at Sebring, which will be the end of a very long streak.  Even though he isn’t due to be driving he may make the trek to the race anyway.  “I think the idea of having a beer (or two) in the infield at Sebring is rather appealing.”

AJR Lotus – put a fork in it.  Instead, the team may be able to continue their Grand Am effort with the Audi for the full season, in addition to their GTC entry in the ALMS.  There is also the possibility of an additional ALMS effort too.