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Grand-Am, The Rolex 24 At Daytona - P&Q Gallery
Photography by Regis Lefebure

Magnus' Plan B
Old School Look For #61
Joao and Rubens

Bright Stars
Stars, Stripes and Stallion

Car #57 Where Are You?
Shank - But No Lambs
Red Rocket

Concealed Weapon?
Coming Soon To A Podium Near You?

Filter Tipped
Round And Round
Pat Long's 2013 Rolex Weapon

White And Gold
Defending Champs
Zebra #23

Starworks #2 - Seacow Popow?
GT Three
Porsche Pair

Glow And Go
AIM's #69
Legendary Colours

Variety Pack
Chip Off The Old Block
Konrad Porsche On Pole - For Nick Tandy

TRG's #68 997
Andrew Davis

Cause On Course
Jerry Built
Booting It

Todo list
Rum Bum Rabbit
Dallara New Clothes

Rum Bum R8
Going Low
If It's Like This Into Turn One There'll Be Trouble

Contrasting Lines