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Grand-Am, The Rolex 24 At Daytona - Race Gallery
Photography by Andrew 'Skippy' Hall

You'd Smile Too If You Were Dario
Hi To The Family At Home, Now Take A Drink
Put Out To Pasture

Shank Guys...
Dominant Pair

Still Life
Paint - No Filler

A place They Call The Zoo
Almost Green

GT Green
First Casualty
Shoe Change

Ought 1
Ought 2 Leads 2
Action Captured

Ford vs. Chevy
GT Traffic
Sun Trus... err Velocity World Wide

Tire Punters
Lights, Camera, Action
Classic Brumos Colors

The Other 'Vette
Sahlen Featured Early

A Not So Flattering View Of The Riley
See Bass Drive
In The Lead Most Of The Time

Before Trouble
My Aim Is True
Peugeot Lives?

Classic Livery Revised
A Strong Run Again
Red Dusk

In 2 The Dark
Bank Holiday?
On Target