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Lord Louth 1929-2013

Better know to the sportscar racing fraternity as Michael Plunkett, the 16th Baron Louth has died at the age of 83. A talented amateur Jaguar driver, Jerseyman Plunkett even drove for David Murray's Ecurie Ecosse squad during his career. 
He first came to notice in the 1952 Jersey International Road Race (pictured), at the wheel of his own XK120; the race was won by Ian Stewart in the Ecurie Ecosse C-type which had won the Le Mans 24 Hours the previous year (and which was to sell for almost £1m at Christies in 2006), from Ken Wharton (Fraser-Nash) and George Abecassis (Aston Martin). It attracted international attention, and was broadcast with David Dimbleby as commentator. Although outclassed by the factory cars, Plunkett went on to set speed records at Bouley Bay hillclimb and on the sand at St Ouen.

Although he could often hold his own against Prince Bira and Raymond Mays, he found the cost of privateer racing too expensive, and sold his last D-Type in 1956, before joining Ecurie Ecosse. He later teamed up with Bill Knight to race around Europe in 1955-1956, and even made it to South Africa, before retiring from racing in 1957.

Mark Cole