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CBT Racing

CBT Racing Ready To Tackle The Tour Britannia
A Significant Anniversary

The Tour Britannia has become a firm favourite for Stuart Scott and Steve Wood since Stuart purchased the ex-Richard Lloyd Chevrolet Camaro from Alan Rivers, with each outing in the event seeing a better result than the previous one for the CBT Racing duo:

Year     Class     Overall
2009      5th         23rd
2010      1st          6th
2011      1st          5th 
2012      1st          3rd

Continuing that trend is certainly going to be a challenge, but there is an extra incentive this year for Stuart and Steve as this year’s event, which begins on Friday, marks the 40th anniversary of James Hunt’s Tour of Britain victory in the Camaro that Stuart’s vehicle is a replica of. “My dad used to take me along to watch Richard Lloyd racing in the Camaro when I was a boy, so to get to work with him later in life was a dream come true," said Stuart.

“Richard should have been co-driving with James back in 1973 on the Tour of Britain, but had to give his seat to Robert Fearnall after being injured in a road accident. He then raced this car with Alan Rivers in the 2007 Tour Britannia. After Richard’s death in 2008 I had the opportunity to buy the car and entered it in the 2009 Tour as a tribute to him; but we enjoyed the car and the event so much that we decided to come back again.

“It would be wonderful if we could somehow repeat James’ victory from 40 years ago; we’ll certainly be giving it our best shot.”

This video clip shows the final stage of the 1973 Tour of Britain and the original Camaro in action:

The route for this year’s event is very much Midlands-based, with Rally HQ in Warwick and the usual mixture of stages and races being held at venues such as Mallory Park, Silverstone and Stoneleigh Park.

There is to be no repeat of the Prologue stages that were run last year, with the Thursday being given over to Scrutineering and documentation, before the cars head out for two days of action on Friday and Saturday.

The full route can be found – here

28 cars appear on the entry list for the Competition category, including 2012 winners Phil Hindley and Andy Bull in their Porsche 911 SC.

Other familiar names are Rick Pearson, Sarah Bennett-Baggs, Philip Walker and one Mike Jordan, who is a later replacement in Walker’s Jaguar after Howard Redhouse had to drop out.  This is the same Mike Jordan who has raced with Stuart and Steve down the years and who looks after and prepares the Camaro, as well as CBT’s other cars. “It’s going to be fun racing against the boss!” said Stuart.

The entry (Competition category):

26  Phil Hindley/Andy Bull  Porsche 911 SC  
27  Jeremy Bailey/Brandon James  Ford Escort RS (1980)
28  Mike Smith/Pete Thomas  Ford Escort Mk1 (1974)
29  Philip Walker/Mike Jordan  Jaguar E-Type Coupe (1963)
30  Stuart Scott/Steven Wood/Andrew Jordan  Chevrolet Camaro Z28 (1970)
31  Stephen Rogers/Philip Pearce  Lotus Elan (1966)
32  Tim Bryan/Jim Bryan  MGB GT V8 (1974)
33  Andrew McAlpine/Neville Alderson  Ferrari 308 GT4 (1977)
34  Johan Denekamp/Ian Benjamin  Alfa Romeo 1750 GTV (1969)
35  Brynn Lewis/TBA  Alpine A110 (1971)
36  Simon Tate/Stuart Lawson  Alfa Romeo GTA (1965)
37  Rick Pearson/Keith Gapp  Porsche 924 Turbo  
38  Richard Plant/Leigh Sebba  Morgan Plus 8 (1973)
39  Sharlie Goddard/Suzy Harvey  Morgan V8 1981
40  Francis Stafiopilatis/Bernie Chodosh  Ford Falcon (1965)
41  Marios Stafilopatis/Georgios Chatzirgas  Porsche 930 (1979)
42  Chris Wilson/Donald Duncan  Vauxhall Chevette HSR (1979)
43  Anthony Robinson/Mark Witherspoon  Porsche 911 (1970)
44  Conrad Bos/Mark Ellis  Lotus Elan (1965)
45  John Spiers/Susanne Niedrum  TVR Griffith (1965)
46  Joel Wykeham/David Brown  BMW 2002 Ti (1971)
47  Neil Hadfield/Mark Humphries  Alfa Romeo GTA (1965)
48  Adrian Kermode/Sarah Bennett-Baggs  Porsche 911 SC (1980)
49  John Sheldon/Richard Kirby  Ford Escort Mk1 (1975)
50  Peter Haynes/Alex Classic  Alfa Romeo Guilia GT (1965)
51  John Hampston/Douglas Hampston  Triumph TR4 (1964)
52  Philip Dolby/Mick Worrall  Ford Escort RS (1980)
53  Till Bechtolscheimer/Joe Patterson  Alfa Romeo Guilia Sprint GT

We’ll have a full report on the CBT Racing Camaro's Tour next week.