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FIA WEC, Spa Francorchamps - Weekend Gallery 2
Photography by Pedro

Will Audi Be Chasing Porsche For The lead In 2014?

Steep Challenge

Screaming By

All It Lacks Is A DSC Logo!

Pro-Am Pair

Lotus Lost? Kevin Weeda Has A Moment

Ferrari Fly By

TK Max Attack

Flat Out


Long Tail Led

Bell Wringing It Out

Driveshaft Failure Cost #71 Points

In The Distance

Last Time Out For 2012 Hero Car

Traffic Looms

Pushed Hard But Safety Car Settled It!

Sunshine - At Spa? Shurely Shome Mishtake!

DR - Unhappy With The Stewards

Simon And Sam

Busy Bodies

It Looked Good For Audi Here

Vilander Versus Fisichella

GTE Battle Early On

G-Drive Pit Stop

#7 Pits From The Lead

Simonsen Saunters

Pilet The Pilote

#1 Back Into The Fray

Wolfgang Watches

Olaf Organises

Fuel for Car And Driver

Turvey Turns In

Danny Battling Back

Peter Dumbreck

Not Quite Flat!

Smokey Liuzzi

Clouding Over

Andrea Belicchi

Saving It For The Next One?

Closing In

S├ębastien Buemi