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Toyota Look For ACO Action

With a mild apology for editorial radio silence since the weekend – the day job intervened I’m afraid!

There’s plenty to catch up with, not least a growing controversy in the WEC paddock with Toyota going public on the need for the balance of performance between diesel and petrol to be revised.

Pascal Vasselon, TMG’s Technical Director, believes that the 2013 iteration of the R18 e-tron Quattro “has 60-100 hp more than we do after turning up the richness of their engine since last year.”

The Toyota team are convinced that their figures are correct, and that the result is the much noted c.20% increase, year on year, in fuel usage from the Audi squad.

This means that, despite a balance of performance adjustment designed to close the diesel/ petrol gap it has actually increased by c.20bhp.

A team source told DSC that “Based on what we saw at Spa, we had no chance to win (have a look at the driver-by-driver fastest laps to see Audi’s dominance) and we have very little chance at Le Mans (if a change is not made).

“There is a scheduled review of balance of performance after Spa so we are hoping for an adjustment.”

Toyota are, perhaps understandably, keen to stress that there is no particular criticism of the ACO, the formulae involved are fiendishly complex.

The rulemakers have, it seems, once again been outmanoeuvered by the competitors, Audi opting to take a hit on fuel consumption (remember they could go further than Toyota on a tank in 2012, in the search for more power.

We’ll catch up with Audis point of view as soon as possible.