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Catching Up With.... Rubens Barrichello

Rubens, you have a reputation for being, in the best possible way, perhaps an old fashioned sort of racing driver, a man who is in it to race, and race competitively and that it isn't all just about Formula One?

"I think it is fair but I think it is a new characterisation if I can put it that way because I drove Formula One for 19 years and that was the thing I could do.  I couldn't do Daytona because I had testing, I couldn't do Le Mans because I was racing.  Did I ever think I want to race everything? No, I just like to be competitive, I like the adrenalin that goes through my body just from racing but it's fair to say that I am having fun, I'm under a lot less pressure than in my Formula One days, it's good that I'm not getting any slower, though I am losing some hair just be getting older but I am just having fun, my life is good."

We heard you say earlier that perhaps you saw more endurance racing in the future, we have a WEC race at Interlagos coming up later in the year, Emerson Fittipaldi I know is looking to ingrain endurance racing into the Brazilian racing culture that is so dominated by F1 of course.  Could you be part of that future?

"I would love to, many people perhaps know that I was born in Interlagos so I would love to race the 6 hours there, but unfortunately it won't happen in 2013 because I have a (Brazilian) Stock Car race on the same day."

What about the team you are racing with here, Dener Racing raced in the Le Mans Series some years ago, might we see them racing in the WEC in Brazil this year?

"Sure, the Series is growing and more teams wil come, I hope that one day I will be able to do it."

What about Le Mans, you mentioned earlier that you would like to do it, but would you see yourself doing it in a GT car or do you think there is a chance for you to, perhaps, race for a factory LMP1 team?

"I have to be careful what I say here because if I say that I am just interested in a factory team then it looks as if I am saying that the GT class is not the one to be in and that's not the case at all, after all I am racing a GT car here this weekend. That said I would love to have a go in the big cars, a definite interest if the opportunity came up."

And how are you finding the new elements (to you) that come with sportscar racing, traffic, and also sharing a car?

"It's been good, we found a spotter, he's been able to help us but unfortunately for me I was racing with no full throttle available on the car but I was having fun, hopefully I can get back with more throttle available in my next stint."

And are you interested to come back next year to try to win it?

"Yeah and hopefully if not next year in a GT then maybe in a DP, I would love to."