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Dubai 24 Hours - January 13-15 - 6th Edition

Gallery - John Brooks

Dubai DSCer At The Dubai 24 Hours Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3

Dubai Brothers 3 - Johnny Mowlem

Dubai Brothers 2 - Sam Hancock

Dubai Brothers 1 - Phil Quaife

Reflections on the Dubai 24 Hours

Race Result

Done Deal- Champagne For Schubert

Harsh Dawn - Troubles Abound - But Not For the Leader

Through The Night - BMW Still In Charge

Positions After 12 Hours - Schubert Leads The Way At The Midpoint

Halfway There - #76 BMW Takes Control

Hours 2-5 - Lamborghini And Mercedes Dramas

Hour One - Early Trouble For Jet Alliance

Pre-Race Notes

Qualifying Times

Getting Under Way

Entry List