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British GT, Rockingham - Race Gallery
Photography by David Lord

Introducing DSC's New Pigeon-Cam
Cool Shades But No Luck For Rick Parfitt Jr
Cue Scouser Joke

Lordy Has Trouble Focussing
He Wasn't So Calm When His Car Was Excluded
Richard Westbrook

Shaun Balfe
A Better Day For SpongeBob
United Front

Zak Brown Begins His Banzai Move
An Impressive GT Debut For Ollie Webb
A Spin And A Podium For Mark Patterson

Derek Johnston Delivers For MTECH
Variety At Turn 1
Gregor Takes The Right Line

John Gaw On A Charge
John Dhillon - Getting Quicker With Every Race
This Time, The Car Would Retire Before The Driver

Blurred Vision
A Brief Lead For Fortec
A Strong Run For Beechdean

Damning Evidence
Still No Race For Alvaro In BGT 2013
Complete Success Tom Wilson And Steve Chaplin

22nd to 8th
On The way To The Top Step
All Change

Matt Waits His Turn
Making Hay While The Sun Shines
Mark Blundell Receives His Orders

The Boy From Brazil
Blending In
A Fine Second For M-Sport

A Quiet Race For The Joneses
Bell & Blendini
Positions Reversed By The End

Tarzan Of Northamptonshire
Top Six For Motorbase
Olly Bryant's Efforts Are In Vain As Exclusion Looms For #79

My Name Is Michael Caine
A Blinding Stint From Rob Barff
Podium Celebrations In Full Swing... Apparently