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And Then There Three (GT3 Astons, That Is)
PGF-Kinfaun AMR Lodge Full-Season Entry

After previous announcements from Beechdean Motorsport (Andrew Howard/Jonny Adam) and Barwell Motorsport (Richard Abra/Mark Poole), today brings confirmation that Phil Dryburgh and John Gaw will be returning for a full season of British GT competition in their Aston Martin Vantage GT3.

The duo competed with the car in selected races in 2012 under the Cyber Racing banner, but the official team name for this year will be PGF-Kinfaun AMR. In addition, the car will be sporting a new livery that will be revealed in due course.

"We enjoyed ourselves last year in the two rounds of British GT that we entered, and the decision to compete in the full season this year was an easy one for three reasons; the cars, the circuits and the format," said Gaw, whose day job is MD of Aston Martin Racing. "If you're a gentleman-driver like Phil and I are, a GT3 car is a nice race car to drive, and having driven many different GT3 variants we can say the Aston is particularly easy to drive. British GT this year is going to see some of the best GT3 racing in the world at Pro-Am level. The circuits British GT visits are a very attractive selection for us, and the format works very well. Its weekend based, very good if you work during the week like we do, and there are no clashes with any major races I need to attend in my role at AMR. British GT is famed for making its Pro-Am format work well, hopefully giving everyone a chance to get a good result at some point.

Dryburgh (far left) and Gaw celebrate winning the 2010 Britcar 24 with Witt Gamski and Keith Robinson

“Despite my connection with Aston Martin Racing, we will run exactly the same way and the same specification as Beechdean and Barwell; one of the reasons we bought the Aston is because it is a 'future-proof' car. There are no planned expensive upgrades year after year, and for 2013 we only have a different battery, clutch, and drop gear, that's all, and these are all lifed components. We might possibly have different restrictors depending on the outcome of the balancing tests in February, to unlock the built-in potential of the V12. Controlling costs in my view is so important to the stability and longevity of GT3 going forward, and one of the key design principles that I wanted to ensure on the Aston GT3 was built-in performance that can be unlocked whenever the organisers deem it necessary, rather than developing expensive upgrade packages every year to ensure the cars are competitive.”

"This year in British GT is looking like one of the best," added Dryburgh. "John and I always say to each other that we'd like to enjoy our weekends and that is what we did at Silverstone and Donington last year. John had good pace, and I was there with the first five or so amateurs. Silverstone could have gone better for us if we had got the pit stops right, and as such we expect to be competitive this year. For me, I'm very happy driving quick cars at nice circuits, and hopefully we can get one or two results to celebrate, and if needed he can be replaced by one of the AMR factory driver to liven things up a bit! In all seriousness though ultimately I'd rather be fifteenth on this grid than second on a lesser grid and as I said for us it’s about enjoying ourselves; you will find me one of the happiest people you see in the pit lane. I'm very much looking forward to benching ourselves vs. the other Aston Martins on the grid and racing against Jonny (Adam), who I've been a big supporter of over the years, will be particularly fun. The inter-Aston competition will be a decent rivalry and add a bit of spice itself, and I hear from John there might just be more Astons to enter British GT still.”