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Grand-Am, The Rolex 24 At Daytona - Race Gallery
Photography by Martin Spetz

Lake Lights
BTE Tried In Vain To Improve The Looks Of Their Spec 2 Riley
Hippy Cayman Dominated GX

#5 Alive
Olivier Beretta
Robin Liddell – Led But Hit Gearbox Trouble

Pitlane Prowler
Side By Side
Rum Bum Right In The GT Mix

Stevenson Stymied
Chip’s Chaps
Dener Dudes

#02 & #1 Run 1,2
Order, Order
Silver Machine

Hot Dog And Chip’s
Late Race Splitter Problem Cost Magnus Dearly
Hard On The Brakes

GT Pack
Truspeed Had A Troubled 24
TRG’s Runs Were Troubled Too

Red And Black
Spirit of Daytona Were In The Mix Until The Closing Stages

American Hero
Squint And Its The ALMS!
Turner BMW Hit Trouble Too

Steering And Accident Damage Delayed #8
Super Quick BMW Power!
Another Lap Completed

Gesrbox Issues Slowed Brazilian Porsche Run
V10 Didn’t Have a (Rum) Bum Note
Sweet #16

Rally Cross Audi!
Bogged Standard
GM Gem