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FIA WEC, Spa Francorchamps - Weekend Gallery 3
Photography by Pedro

End Of The Beginning

Left Leading the World Championship

No Race Start For Michael Marsal

Fan Favourite

Will LM See the Porsches Come Good?

Chased Hard

Watts Up

Two Rounds Down - One Point Between The Audis

Turvey Settling In Nicely!

Fast - But Fast Enough?


Strakka Best Wishes To Recovering Techie


One Fumble And The Whole GT Field Will Be By!

Ollie's "Pull My Finger Joke" Lost A Lot In Translation!

Counting Down

State Of The Privateer Art?

Krohn Zone

Manly Pose

GTEs Pit Together

Andre Lotterer

Never A Dull Moment At AMR

Puff Of Smoke From Lotus At Eau Rouge

Audi - Anything But A Long Shot

Most Famous Corner In the World?

JK Rolling

Les Combes

V24 Aston

Unhappy Chappy

Almost Camouflaged!

Long Tail Audi

Giancarlo Fisichella

Pouhon In The Distance

Sun Going Down

Pierre Kaffer

Final Finish For 2012 Car